Nylon Silicone Knee Sleeve - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

The knee has little protection on its own, with only a thin layer of skin and muscle over the kneecap, or patella. If you fall on your knee when it's bent, there's not much cushion there to keep you from breaking the patella bone or pushing it out of place, often tearing ligaments or muscles in the process.

Using Braces Pad during certain exercises and sports can help reduce your chance of knee injury.




Adjustable Thick Sponge airsoft Pain Relief Impact Resistance Knee Pads for Outdoor Sports and High-density strengthen foam, effectively impact resistance, increase blood circulation.

Extremely slow compression rate, ensuring that the Braces Pad keep their shape during hard work and over a long period of usage. 





  • 100% Brand new and high quality!
  • It is anti-slip, it is very comfortable to use.
  • Suitable for Knee pain and discomfort, mild strain prain, knee fatigue, patellar instability
  • Fitness and great for sports.
  • Wonderful companion when you play football, basketball, mountaineering,
  • Breathable and sweat absorb.

 Anatomically formed viscoelastic pad with corrective tensioning counteracts patella misalignment and supports proprioception, heightening sensory awareness in the knee for increased joint stabilization.Combination of the wedge-shaped pad and viscoelastic pad produces intermittent compression on soft tissues for less swelling and faster healing.