Mr. Bar-B-Q Bug Zapper

✔ SWING & KILL - No need to swat multiple times for a kill. Becuase of the electric function, flies and mosquitoes will die on impact due to force and the elctric shock ✔ EAT IN PEACE - Frustrated while eating outside or barbecuing with freinds & family? No longer is this an issue as our Bug Swatter is here to keep these insects from attacking everyone ✔ Multi Kill - Our Swatyter is large enough to catch a large group of insects with just 1 swing. The electric shock with force combined is enough to disable the insects in bulk ✔ SAVE 100s OF DOLLARS while driving away insects and flies without using any kind of poison, risky traps, or chemicals that smell horrible and burns your eyes. Take your frustration out on these pest with style