Carbonated Clay Mask

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For Men and Women

Refresh, refine and invigorate your skin with this nourishing Carbonated Clay Mask. Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, this 100% organic bubbling clay mask is infused with bamboo charcoal, purifying mud, green tea leaves & carbonated water.


With its unique formula, it deeply penetrates the pores to thoroughly get rid of deep-seated dirt while supplying proper nutrients to keep the skin healthy and supple.

The mask can be used as an instant detox to tighten pores, invigorate a dull complexion and instantly boost radiance. With all natural ingredients and no nasties, your skin will have a healthy natural glow after using.

⚡️ Deeply penetrates and cleanses dirty pores

🙈Absorbs excess oil on the surface of your skin

🍃 Combines the powerful qualities of charcoal, mud & green tea

☀️Dries out blemishes and prevents future ones from forming

✅ Accelerates skin recovery and tightens pores

💎 Carbonated bubbles exfoliate dead surface skin cells

🥝 100% organic and all natural ingredients

🥰 Supplies proper nutrients to keep your skin happy & healthy!

How To Use:

  1. APPLY  Apply evenly to freshly cleansed skin using the applicator provided.
  2. BUBBLE  Wait 5-10 minutes for the mask to bubble and expand over your face.
  3. MASSAGE Massage the bubbles into your skin to maximize the effects of the mask.
  4. RINSE  Gently remove with warm water and pat dry using a soft clean towel.

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Other Ingredients:

Green tea extract, aloe vera leaf extract, matcha powder, charcoal powder, pomegranate extract, fermented soy extract, alantoin, peony root extract, oregano leaf extract, white willow peel extract, portulaca extract, cinnamon extract.

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